[ { "title": "Supporting administration of a multi-application landscape", "publication_date": "2009/31/07", "number": "08286181", "url": "/2009/07/31/supporting-administration-of-a-multiapplication-landscape/", "abstract": "A computer-implemented method for supporting administration of a multi-application landscape includes initiating, in a multi-application computer system, a business process that involves executing multiple applications and uses run control statements associated with process steps of the business process where a business process state is subject to change. The run control statements are executed as part of performing the business process. For each run control statement being executed, at least one of multiple state indicators associated with the run control statement is selected, the state indicator representing run-state information of the business process. A representation of the business process state is generated and stored in a repository, the representation comprising (i) each state indicator selected in executing the run control statements, and (ii) an identifier for the process step where the business process state changed.", "owner": "SAP AG", "owner_city": "Walldorf", "owner_country": "DE" } ]